Vehicle Overview



A comprehensive service across the board.


Blackhorse Tyres offers not only the best prices, but also flexible discount system and professional consulting. The company's staff has valuable

experience and outstanding qualifications in tyre sales, car repair and maintenance. Complete Computer Diagnostics, Complete Safety Analysis,

Drivability Problems, Tune-ups, Oil Changes, Brake repair specialists, Mufflers and Exhaust Systems, Steering and Suspensions, Alignments,

Fuel System Services, Coolant Systems, Emission Repair Facility, Air Conditioning Service, Electrical Systems, Fleet Maintenance,

professional Engine Work.



3D Wheel Alignmant.

At Blackhorse Tyres your safety and piece of mind is a priority for us and which is why we offer a high-end functioning geometry service for all brands and

 manufacturers of vehicles. This allows you to improve the efficiency of the life of your tyres and the mechanical parts and modules of your car. To this

end, you will notice your driving experience and comfort will increase as well Blackhorse Tyres can calibrate vehicle wheel alignment making sure that

your vehicle drives and handles safely without putting any excess stress on the tyres or other suspension systems.



Complete Computer Diagnostics.

 Complete computer diagnostics are computer-based systems that Blackhorse Tyres use to help assist there team with accurate pin-pointing vehicle

problems. Modern passenger and fleet vehicles can monitor a vehicle’s performance such as emission related controls and performance of the engine, and

can detects malfunctions. Blackhorse Tyres can provide access to the health information of a vehicle and access to numerous parameters and sensors from

the Engine Control Unit (ECU). We can offer valuable information, including diagnostic trouble codes, when troubleshooting problems.



Disc Brakes repair and replacement.

Whe inspecting disc brakes there are several components you need to check and ensure are working properly. Also, it is important to have checks to brakes

done at least twice a year and if you drive substantially more than the average worker’s commute, then you need to do it more often. Blackhorse Tyres

recomend that to help protect youand your passengers as well as help save money from damage, inspecting brakes is a vital part of vehicle maintenance and

must be done on a regular basis.



Drivability Problems.

From Minor Problems like squeaking noises and steering wheel shakes, to larger issues like engine smoking and stalling, We Diagnose, Repair

and guarantee all drivability issues your vehicle may behaving. CV Axles, Wheel Bearings, Wheel Hubs, Gear Boxes, Rack and Pinion, Power Steering

Issues, Differentials and Complete Drivability Diagnostics See us today to get your vehicle functioning smoothly.



Exhaust and Muffler repairs.

The purpose of a car's exhaust system is to guide the toxic gases generated by engine away from the car and to reduce the noise created by the engine.

One of the most common reasons exhaust systems break is due to rusting ofthe metal from which exhaust boxes and pipes are made from.



Lights and Electris.

A vehicles wiring system can be a complex thing. It is very difficult to deduce what is wrong just by looking at it or hearing what is wrong. Even with the

newest technology it is sometimes very hard to find out the problem with car electrics if it has to do with the wiring. Even the computers they hook them up

to have a hard time getting right to the problem. When they disassemble the wiring, they have to make sure theyput it right back the way it was. One little

wire hooked up the wrong way will have it blowing a fuse or even something could blow up, causing serious injury.



Power Steering.

For many drivers, the benefits of power steering are something that is taken completely for granted; this is no surprise because the technology has been

around for so many years. We understand that not everybody can be expected to understand how and why power steering works, but a little bit of

knowledge goes a long way in helping our customers plan ahead for their auto repair, and keep their overall costs down.



Professional Engine Maintenance.

If your car or van is 10 years old or less, and you really like it, or you can't afford to buy another vehicle at this time, your best choice is probably to repair or

replace your engine. Vehicles depreciate rapidly as time goes by, even if they are not driven much. By the time your vehicle needs an engine, its trade-in value

may be so low that sinking more money into the vehicle does not make economic sense. Consequently, if your car or van is worthless than about €2000, think

long and hard before you put any more money into major repairs. Your money would be  better spent on a newer vehicle. On the other hand, if your vehicle is

more than 10 years old, or you don't like it that much, or you are looking for an excuse to buy another vehicle, don't spend any money on your old vehicle.

Forget repairing or replacing your old engine. If your old engine has a lot of miles on it (over 150,000 or more), and it is burning oil, running poorly, making

noise or has locked up, overhauling it will be expensive.



Suspension Systems.

Blackhorse Tyres know that a vehicle’s suspension systems can’t be taken for granted.It is an integral part of a vehicle’s performance. Properly aligned

steering and suspension can help deliver asmooth and controlled ride. Blackhorse Tyres offers quality affordable auto repair services with suspension systems.